Client Testimonial #45 (2024)

“I found Liz after a glowing recommendation from a friend and her husband. I had recently become a mother and found that the transition to motherhood had heightened my pre-existing anxiety and OCD to an unmanageable level. I found Liz calm, compassionate, practical and supportive in her approach. She helped me to unearth some childhood events that had caused my longstanding anxiety and OCD. The memory work we did on this was surprising, as so many things I had suppressed. This was challenging, however hugely successful in addressing the root of my negative thinking. She also helped me to address my new health related anxiety and put in place practical strategies to help me to understand and address my catastrophising. After a year of sessions I feel ready to have a second child, which for a long time I didn’t. I also finally feel I am in a place where I can recognise my negative thinking patterns and triggers and manage them more effectively. Thank you Liz. It is a comfort just knowing you are there if I should ever need support again."  

Mrs B, Worthing

Client Testimonial #44 (2023)

“I approached Liz following a recommendation from a friend. I was struggling with PTSD following some traumatic life events. Sessions with Liz have been challenging, but so worthwhile. Liz is professional and caring in her approach to therapy. I really feel like I have got my life back and can now look forward to the future with confidence"  

Ms D, Horsham

Client Testimonial #43 (2023)

“Working with Liz absolutely changed my life. I came to her with anxiety, stress, a lack of understanding of myself and in a troublesome relationship. Liz’s approach suited me perfectly - helpful and practical methods to equip me for life, and an engaging and fun person to explore situations with. As my anxiety faded Liz also helped me with career coaching, and having a blended way of working between therapy and coaching was instrumental in my career development. I cannot thank Liz enough for the pivotal role she has played in my life and would recommend her highly."  

Ms C, London

Client Testimonial #42 (2023)

“I began suffering with health anxiety which became overwhelming and started to severely limit the things I felt I could do. I fell in to the trap of avoiding everything that could trigger my anxiety. Liz was great at helping me understand the patterns of negative thinking, avoidance and safety behaviours that were intensifying my anxiety. Over a period of a few months with the help of Liz I gradually started to push back on the thoughts and challenge myself in uncomfortable situations. Despite thinking I had allowed the problem to become too serious and I couldn't be 'fixed', Liz helped me confront the issues one at a time and within 6 months I felt on top of the problem. It's now been 9 months since my first session with Liz and although the thoughts can sometimes creep in, I feel I have all the tools I need to prevent them taking over and causing problems for me again. Thank you Liz for all your help."  

Mr H, Worthing

Client Testimonial #41 (2023)

“I approached Liz last September after getting long covid and suffering with extreme anxiety. Straight away Liz made me feel at ease during our sessions . it has been a long journey and one I can’t thank Liz enough for all her support. Now I have the tools to help me should I need them. I am now looking forward to the future and I am sincerely grateful . Thank you Liz for everything!"  

Mrs H, West Sussex

Client Testimonial #40 (2022)

“Sessions with Liz over the last year have been very helpful in improving my general mood and feelings about myself. I started seeing her when I was feeling very down and struggling with anxiety. Liz was really useful at talking through these issues and helping me challenge perceptions that were perpetuating my anxiety and low mood"  

Mr T, Brighton

Client Testimonial #39 (2022)

“My daughter first saw Liz when she was 12 years old with severe anxiety and OCD. To say Liz changed my daughters and our lives is an understatement! My daughter is now 18 and still has OCD and anxiety but has the tools to cope and enjoy her life. Recently due to Covid, other illness and looming A Levels her OCD and anxiety became hard for her to cope with. We spoke to Liz and within 2 sessions she’s back on track again. My daughter trusts Liz, she always has from the very first time they met and even after all these years. Liz remembers everything about my daughters fears and her issues and genuinely cares. My daughter always knows that when things get really tough, which on occasion they do, talking with Liz helps her re address and move forward again. Again thank you Liz."  

Mrs D, Horsham

Client Testimonial #38 (2022)

“I approached Liz after struggling with emetophobia and related anxieties since a young age. I was apprehensive about the exposure side of CBT, with this being one of the reasons why I had put off starting therapy in the first place. However, Liz immediately put me at ease and we went at a pace I was comfortable with. After just a few sessions, I was able to watch clips and talk about topics I would have previously avoided. I cannot thank Liz enough for helping me tackle one of my biggest insecurities and showing me that the emotions and feelings I was experiencing were completely normal. I know that I will still encounter my phobia in the future, but having gone through CBT has given me the physical and mental techniques to manage it and I am now able to face certain situations with more confidence."  

Miss H, Horsham

Client Testimonial #37 (2022)

“Dr Liz Saunders provided a number of CBT sessions with my teenage daughter in relation to her fear of needles. The resources provided were extremely helpful and my daughter found her very kind and easy to work with. Suffice to say that she has now been able to have injections without losing several nights' sleep beforehand because Dr Saunders has helped her feel more in control and desensitised. Thank you!"  

Mrs M, Horsham

Client Testimonial #36 (2022)

“I thoroughly recommend working with Liz.I was tentative about CBT and talking therapies at first but I immediately felt at ease during our sessions. My persistent anxiety and low moods have become non-existent after our course of sessions due to the techniques which were taught.The course of sessions with Liz have made me a happier and more resilient person."  

Mr P, London

Client Testimonial #35 (2021)

“Our son, who was 15 at the time, started to see Liz in January 2021. He suffered with issues ranging from suicide ideation to low confidence and self-esteem stemming from bullying. We were desperate to get some help for him after the counsellor he was seeing (who was very nice), said she could not help him any more. We found Liz online and was impressed by the testimonials and her qualifications, especially in the area of CBT which is what our consultant psychiatrist thought our son would need. Liz was so patient and understanding with our son and worked with him consistently. Our son, who is now 16, is a confident young man enjoying college life and looking forward to the future and even has a part time job! We are eternally grateful to Liz for her work with him and spending the time to get him to where he is at today. Our daughter who is 14 and suffers with emetophobia and social anxiety, is now seeing Liz and we have every confidence that Liz will be able to help her get through this."  

Mrs W, Horsham

Client Testimonial #34 (2021)

“I started my CBT sessions with Liz, not really sure what to talk about but just aware that my wife and I needed some things to change in our relationship. My wife and I both engaged in individual sessions with Liz for several months before joining together for several group sessions and by taking this approach I was able to come to terms with how my own thoughts and behaviours were contributing to the issues my wife and I were having and we were eventually able to find healing and strength in our relationship. The sessions were often times equally challenging and encouraging as Liz helped both my wife and I identify areas that we needed to work on. She gave us some simple and practical concepts to use such as the feedback sandwich and guided us through how to use this concept in some of the more difficult and delicate relationships in our life which was very empowering. She helped us build a stronger foundation in our relationship with equal parts accountability and compassion which also served as a great model for us to follow. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who could use some help in their relationships or with their own mental health in overcoming frustration, anger, anxiety, or fear."  

Mr B, Horsham

Client Testimonial #33 (2021)

“I initially contacted Liz about my blushing which may sound trivial to some but it actually felt like it was taking over my life. I couldn't understand why it was happening and that had led me to become extremely paranoid about everyone around me. I had read that CBT could help. Talking to Liz throughout lockdown was an absolute life line. I am so grateful that I got the help that I needed. In doing 'the work' I discovered that there are events in my past that i carry a lot of shame for and this has helped me to understand that the blushing is a conditioned response to those. I already knew that my bouts of anxiety and paranoia were cyclical and coincided with my hormonal changes but through journaling I discovered just how extreme and dysphoric these were. I now have medical help which has made me feel hugely better. The CBT and talking with Liz has now made me feel much better able to cope with life and to keep everything in perspective. I really would recommend Liz to anyone."  

Mrs. C, Hove

Client Testimonial #32 (2021)

“I was a very capable woman, juggling a stressful life when I was subject to a carjacking. I went from being someone who coped with anything to a mess, my anxiety levels were through the roof, I was crying all the time and struggling to leave the house or even get up in the morning. My doctor believed I was suffering with PTSD and suggested CBT therapy. I chose Liz because of her medical background, I was very sceptical that CBT could do anything for me. Right from the start Liz made me feel comfortable and in control of the situation, constantly checking in that I was okay with what we were doing. The way she explained that my alarm system had been set too sensitively, gave me an easy way to understand where I was at and why this had happened. I remember the first time Liz told me to close my eyes and start recounting the event, I did not believe there was any chance this would help me, I could not believe it when I experienced physical reactions when running through the attack. Many sessions later I was able to recount what had happened without feeling any anxiety or fear. I have gone from someone who could not get up in the morning, to being someone who is enjoying life again. I have even come face to face with my attacker and been able to walk away with just a sense of relief that this person was no longer controlling my life. Thanks to Liz I have been able to become the person I was before, even stronger than I was , with less anxieties. I have been able to start a new life abroad, something I had been wanting to do for a while. I can genuinely walk down the street now without any fear and no longer feeling extreme anxiety when a group of teenagers walks towards me. For anyone who is sceptical about CBT, I would say try it and see if it works for you, it certainly has for me and I cannot thank Liz enough for giving me my life back."  

Ms H, Horsham

Client Testimonial #31 (2021)

“When I came to Dr Liz, I was a shell of the man I am, always have been and will continue to be. You see, OCD strips you of who you are and makes you fight endlessly for your true self. Make no mistake, I was fighting for my life. I remember the first session clearly, and how she told me it was the doubting disease, it’s funny how I never thought about it that way because at times I doubted everything, if I was who I am and even if Dr Liz was the right therapist for me. The answer gladly was yes; she was 100% the right one. Through our time together, she helped me understand the construct of OCD at a physiological level; this answered so many questions about my life. We worked diligently at getting the right tools and strategies in place to disarm the C of OCD, the compulsions that came after the obsessive terrifying thoughts. When we achieved this, the drop in intensity of the OCD was insane. That said, it resurfaced several times, but with patience, sessions with Dr Liz and by using the tools I learned to use with her, the OCD slowly started to lose its grip over me. Today I’m back to being me, the OCD is still with me and will never leave, but I have the tools I need to manage it. I owe Dr Liz a debt of gratitude because those that suffer from OCD know only too well that being saved from OCD is to have your life saved. I strongly recommend Dr Liz as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. She’s a professional but also a kind person that really shows she cares about her patients. Never once did she pull the plug on our sessions or mention the time, and I enjoyed every session we had together; it was the light in my life at a time of extreme darkness."  

Mr B, Petworth

Client Testimonial #30 (2021)

“Starting CBT with Liz was probably one of the best things to have ever happened to me, a complete game changer. Before starting the sessions I found myself in an endless cycle of anxiety, especially regarding my health and always thinking any sensation that felt slightly off meant I was going to die. CBT not only helped me to rationalise my own thoughts but also helped me understand why I get those thoughts and ways to overcome them. I remember thinking I’d never get rid of this weight on my chest, feeling anxious 24/7 and letting it consume me where as now I rarely have any days where I have these feelings and even if I do I don’t let them stop me going about my day to day. These sessions have made me able to do things I never thought I’d be able to just 6 months ago (e.g. starting university) and can’t thank Liz enough for all she’s helped me with.  

Ms C, Horsham

Client Testimonial #29 (2021)

“Thank you so much for all your help. I read back my diaries from April the other day and my goodness I’ve come a long way and couldn’t have done it without you. Sincerely I am so grateful for all our sessions, I remember when the sessions with you were the only thing getting me through the week. Again a big thank you, I would not be where I am now without your support, {name redacted} and I are so grateful for all your help not only have our sessions helped me cope with uncertainty and recovery with Long Covid but also with anxiety I had been living with for years which had become so normal for me. At times when I was very poorly I thought I’d never be me again, with your help and support I can’t believe how far I’ve come and how I use coping mechanisms worked on in sessions automatically in my daily life now."  

Mrs D, Steyning

Client Testimonial #28 (2020)

“I am a 16 year old who has had a medical phobia for as long as I can remember which developed into a more serious one in recent years. It really affected my relationship with my sister (a medical student) as I was unable to talk to her without being reminded of the medical procedures she has done and seen. Just by being in the same room made me anxious, but Liz helped me to overcome this, and gradually my relationship with my sister has improved. Also, Liz helped me overcome my fear of needles and blood through exposure, as before whenever I saw a needle, I would go into a panic, whereas now it barely affects me. Furthermore, Liz has helped me be able to have orthodontic appointments which I never thought I would be able to go through. Before starting my CBT with Liz, I was concerned that I would not be able to have any medical treatment done ever, but now she has helped me overcome this and I feel significantly safer in medical situations. Thanks for everything you have done for me regarding my medical phobias, but also in general, you have really reduced my anxiety significantly and I see that my confidence in myself has really improved since talking to you. I cannot recommend Liz enough. Thanks again for putting me on the right path and making me believe myself and my ability to beat my anxiety."  

Miss X, Horsham

Client Testimonial #27 (2020)

“As a mother to a teenage daughter with deeply-embedded medical anxieties, there was a time about a year ago, before "discovering" Liz, that I had reached a point of not knowing quite how to help our troubled child. What initially started as a slightly squeamish, blood-averse Year 6 child, who had the odd moment of light-headedness when anything needle-related came up into a conversation, soon (and very quickly) spiralled into someone who was experiencing daily challenges - challenges that caused our daughter such huge and overwhelming angst, that it felt a very bleak and hopeless time indeed. Each day presented our daughter with new challenges that could trigger panic attacks and moments of huge self-doubt. It became clear that we needed to seek help and find someone to help our daughter to "retrain" her brain into coping with these deeply-rooted medical anxieties and have the expertise help in understanding their underlying cause and how to best manage these. This is when I started to inquire about CBT. It was a treatment that I felt that would be the best thing for our daughter's needs and I wanted to find someone local, who had experience of the younger age group - not all local CBT therapists that I inquired after had this experience, so this was key to us. It wasn't long until we found Liz. We were on her waiting list for a few weeks and then were given a slot quite soon after. In the interim waiting time, Liz sent our daughter some literature to read ahead of the session and this is where the light at the end of the tunnel began to shine. I cannot recommend Liz more highly. She is extremely experienced and knew exactly the right speed to go with our daughter, in terms of exposure techniques and self-challenges. She always made our daughter feel that her anxieties were real and not made up or "silly". Liz set small homework challenges after each session, which gave our daughter ownership and focus on the path ahead, and helped her to remain positive about the progress being made. Our daughter was always relaxed in her sessions with Liz and looked forward to them, as she knew that if there were any blips on the way, she would be able to "normalise" these with Liz in their sessions together. There is no way that a year ago I thought we would be where we are with our daughter now. It is testament to Liz and her expertise that we are lucky enough to find ourselves at this happier place. We cannot thank Liz enough."  

Mrs. Y, Horsham

Client Testimonial #26 (2020)

“For those of you thinking the world is falling around you help is closer than you think. I am a successful business person but had reached a difficult phase in my life when I had lost confidence, self esteem and happiness. I took the plunge and chose therapy and have never looked back. After just a short period of time with the help of Liz I have my self esteem and happiness back. I am on a path to achieve my goals and as confident as I ever was, probably more so. Therapy is not something to avoid or be worried about, make the call to Liz"  

Mr. L, Worthing

Client Testimonial #25 (2020)

“I can’t tell you how much help you’ve been and how much of an impact your time with me has had on my life. It’s been a genuine pleasure getting to know such a nice person and I can’t thank you enough for all your help, it was amazing!"  

Mr. S, Midhurst

Client Testimonial #24 (2019)

“Having CBT with Liz has helped me change my negative thought patterns that I truly believed were impossible to shift. My life had become restricted and I was isolating myself in order to cope. Slowly and gently Liz was able to show me new thought patterns which I was able to put in to place. The main reason for this testimonial is to say that in doing CBT I truly believe you can't lose. I now have a set of tools for life and am coping so much better. I'm very grateful to Liz and haven't ruled out a return visit or two for CBT maintenance!"  

Ms. M from Pulborough.

Client Testimonial #23 (2019)

“I had been struggling up and down with anxiety and low self esteem for a little while. Before speaking to Liz I had some CBT sessions but unfortunately I was still finding things tough. I was recommended Liz through a friend and from my first email I felt I was listened to and taken seriously. Due to my job I was limited to when I could do sessions but Liz helped find a solution through Skype sessions and was always flexible. I was nervous at first but Liz made me feel at ease quickly. During our chats Liz always made me feel valued and comfortable and I never felt silly talking through what was troubling me. Unfortunately at one point I found myself suffering with depression too. Liz was again flexible in finding me extra slots and helped me through this period. She has helped me understand my thoughts and gave me practical advice for different situations which I will use for life. Even during this tough time, I was able to cry and laugh with Liz who was always very supportive I am no longer having sessions with Liz but I know she’s at the end of an email if I ever need any advice. With Liz’s help I have learnt to be kinder to myself, how to deal with tricky situations in relationships and work and change my thinking styles. I am incredibly grateful to Liz and still find myself quoting her advice when I find things tough. ‘Not everything has to be a disaster!’ Thank you Liz"  

Ms. D from Worthing.

Client Testimonial #22 (2019)

“I was very sceptical about CBT but a friend talked me into giving it a go. I picked Liz because she seemed friendly and approachable and had a medical background. She was happy to talk when I called and I decided to go ahead. I had long standing anxiety issues that had become OCD and this was impacting on ordinary everyday activities. Liz helped me to understand what was happening in my mind and why that was. Understanding those issues and mechanisms has been key to regaining control of my brain. Liz has been happy to work at a pace I was comfortable with and that gave me a chance to practise strategies between sessions. We did a really useful practical session too. I can now do those ordinary everyday activities without hesitation and I am making progress on things I've avoided for years. I thought my problems were beyond fixing but I was wrong. Thanks Liz!"  

Mrs. J from Horsham.

Client Testimonial #21 (2018)

“Liz has been a huge help for me in dealing with my anxiety. We really broke down the cycle of negative and intrusive thoughts and changed it to focus on the positive. I was a little apprehensive before our first session but Liz put me at ease straight away and made it really easy to open up. Sometimes just having someone to talk to can make you feel better and Liz is a great listener and advisor and I will miss our fortnightly meetings."  

Mr. P from Worthing.

Client Testimonial #20 (2018)

“Before starting CBT with Liz, I was in a very bad place with my OCD. I felt utterly hopeless and couldn’t see a way out of an illness that made life very difficult for me. However, she understood my problem straight away and from the first session gave me actionable solutions to tackle my thought patterns and routines. Not only that, but she made me feel less alone in my struggles. In just a few weeks, I saw a huge improvement in my symptoms (much more than I could have ever expected) and can now live a happy, carefree life that’s not weighed down by OCD. I couldn’t recommend CBT with Liz highly enough!"  

Ms. G from Brighton.

Client Testimonial #19 (2018)

“Thank you so much for all your help. Things I found useful about CBT were: learning to let go of problems that I couldn’t fix straight away and not worrying about them until something could be done, accepting that certain things cannot be changed and no-one can work miracles even if I feel I should be able to and not feeling guilty if I can’t help others all of the time " 

Ms. B from Steyning.

Client Testimonial #18 (2018)

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for your CBT sessions. It is only because of them that I am working otherwise I would still be hiding away in my bedroom. Your CBT sessions have helped me to come out of my shell in social situations and have helped me to be able to work as both a barman and a waiter as well as shown me that it’s okay to open up to my friends with any problems I may be having. The skills that I have learned from you are irreplaceable and I thank you a thousand times over for your help. My friends have said they have seen the difference and have seen how much happier I am now and they are happy for me because of it " 

Mr. O from Pulborough.

Client Testimonial #17 (2017)

"It has perhaps been a couple of years since my last appointment with you. I can honestly say the lessons I have learnt and applied have made these the best years so far. Thank you for your patience and persistence in showing me the way! I was expecting the odd wobble here and there, but there have been nothing but positive (obviously this is due to my chosen realistic perceptions of events!). I have continued to be successful at work, with considerably less effort and time applied to it. In my free time I have become a regular member of the Great Britain Triathlon Team. Where I have competed in Austria and the Netherlands this year, with 8th place in the World Championships. Next year I’m off to Estonia for aims of the podium. Domestic racing has seen me never miss out on a top 3 overall spot in any race this year. I don’t believe my race successes would be nearly as good without your training and the path you set me on. My mental strength in preparation to international competition (and important work events) is something I am very proud of. I am able to be completely calm at will and always put everything in a realistic perspective. I have not stopped working on my CBT, mindfulness and general mental health and balance. It is a great gift to be able to do. " 

Mr. F from Broadbridge Heath.

Client Testimonial #16 (2017)

"My work with Liz has given me the knowledge, confidence and skills to be able to independently manage the issues that i have had to deal with. I have suffered anxiety, panic attacks agoraphobia and depression over the last 8 years. I have been on and off medication and have always ended up back in a bad place every 6 months or so. Liz has helped me through a very bad episode (where i felt unable to even leave the house) and back to full working order. I now also feel that I have the knowledge and skills to work through any future challenges I may face with my mental health. The first is coming off my pills later this year as I would like to start a family. Liz is on hand to help me with any support I may require. " 

Ms. M from Horsham.

Client Testimonial #15 (2017)

"Our 12 year old daughter had been ill most of her life and after finally being diagnosed with coeliac disease and other food intolerances her physical health improved whereas as her mental health had declined as a result, and she developed severe anxiety and OCD. We struggled for years not knowing how to cope with this awful illness. Our lives became very limited and controlled, as our daughter withdrew from friendships, school and life in general. The waiting list for NHS help was horrendous and all we were offered was medication for our daughter in the interim. We contacted Liz, who was so supportive even before our daughter’s CBT sessions have even started. It was like being given a life line and for the first time in years we didn’t feel alone. Our daughter trusted Liz from the very first session. The Sessions always had purpose and direction whilst being incredibly calm and relaxed. Seven months on and you wouldn’t even know our daughter had been ill, she now has full control of her OCD monster ‘The Kraken!’ We can’t thank you enough Liz, our lives are very different now and seeing our daughter enjoy and embrace her life is something at times we never thought would happen. Liz, you really did save, not only our little girl but, our family. For that we will be forever grateful. " 

Mrs. D from Midhurst.

Client Testimonial #14 (2016)

"I am eternally grateful to Liz for the work she has done with me over the last 6 months, she has taken me from a very dark place and turned my life around. From my first meeting with Liz, she put me at ease and I could talk to her about things I had never told anyone, she is incredibly warm and has the ability to make me see things in a different way. Liz always went the extra mile for me in our sessions and made me feel secure and confident. Working with Liz has made me realise and make some major life changing decisions, which I can now view with clarity and positivity.
Thank you always" 

Mrs. G from Haywards Heath.

Client Testimonial #13 (2016)

"I can honestly say that if I had not met Liz three years ago I would not be alive today to say thank you to her. I have suffered from depression for the last 26 years, but always believed that I was ‘managing’ it and accepted depression as part of my life. I also became an expert at hiding my low moods. At the beginning of 2015 I had a setback and the depression hit me hard. I believed it would pass and I managed to hide how serious this bout of depression was from my husband. Because I trusted Liz, I felt comfortable to tell her how bad things really were. Fortunately she intervened in her usual kind and calm way. I didn’t know that life could be so good. I still have the odd low day , which is a normal part of life, but I don’t panic or have distorted thoughts like I used to.
Liz is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, patient and the kindest person I have had the privilege to meet. Thank goodness I met her and can enjoy the next 26 years and more of my life." 

Mrs. F from Rustington.

Client Testimonial #12 (2016)

"Liz has helped me to overcome a period of depression by challenging my thought patterns, and teaching me the value in thinking positively. She is a great listener and extremely approachable. I'm so glad that I found Liz and her expertise, after having tried other approaches for treating depression, which didn't give me the support and knowledge that I felt I needed. I'm now studying at university and feel confident in doing so, thanks to CBT therapy with Liz." 

Ms. I. from Midhurst.

Client Testimonial #11 (2015)

"Following a serious car accident which resulted with me being diagnosed with severe PTSD I was referred to Liz Saunders for a course of treatment.
Having just completed my time with Liz Saunders, which has been in excess of a year; I cannot praise her enough for all the help she has afforded me. It has been a long road to recovery and I feel that without her skill, compassion and expertise in this field I would not be here today. She has taken the time and trouble both in and out of work hours to listen and understand all of my issues and provide the support I so desperately needed. She enabled me to understand what was happening to me and how to deal with the issues.
For this I am eternally grateful." 

Mrs. J from Horsham.

Client Testimonial #10 (2015)

"WOW! CBT is amazing therapy. I cannot recommend it enough. If you are considering it, do it! Nothing to lose and everything to gain when life flips your world upside down. The best decision I ever made at a time where my world felt hopeless. I suffered a nasty illness, months of debilitating Chronic Fatigue followed, resulting in depression. Life was not only challenging me physically and mentally, it was unkind to my family and we experienced terrible illness and loss of a loved one.
Thank You Liz. You got me on my feet, restored my energy, my hope, my happiness - My Life. Not forgetting arming me with a multitude of techniques to keep me living my life fully. Maybe even one day, inspire others.....
Thank You." 

Mrs. S from West Sussex.

Client Testimonial #9 (2014)

"Our daughter's OCD was scary and bewildering, not only for her, but for the whole family. We felt utterly powerless as this unseen menace took over our lives. Seeing Liz not only brought relief, but helped us put distance between us and the illness, arming us with the necessary techniques to 'slay the beast' and finally regain control over our lives. A year down the line and our daughter has made a full recovery - you'd never even know she'd been ill. Thank you Liz!" 

Mrs. B from Wisborough Green, West Sussex.

Client Testimonial #8

"'I am in my mid twenties and have been suffering from depression on and off from an early age. Being a bit sceptical about therapy I have always treated my depression with medication. However due to some recent unsavoury side effects I decided to stop the medication and give therapy a go instead! When I first met Liz I immediately warmed to her. She was very sympathetic and understanding when we discussed some of the issues I was dealing with. Over multiple sessions we found some of the causes of my depression. I had some really interesting conversations with Liz where she challenged some of my thinking patterns. These conversations helped me find alternative and healthier ways of thinking. I have now reached the point where I no longer need help. I feel more confident in myself as Liz has given me the tools to face any future challenges head on. I finally feel I am back to my happy old self :) " 

Mr. B from Pulborough, West Sussex.

Client Testimonial #7

‘Following the death of a loved one, I became increasingly overwhelmed by anxiety. Not wanting to go down the "anti-depressant route", I contacted Liz who suggested CBT may be able to help me. She really listened, and encouraged me to question the way I was thinking and helped me to find a more positive thought process. I feel back to my "old self" again! Thank you for helping me.’


Ms. N, Storrington, West Sussex.

Client Testimonial #6

Hi Liz, 

"I saw you for CBT when you worked in Southwick - I saw you last when I was off work again with depression just before you moved. I decided to take a few months break from work and get myself back together. During that time, I found that I was remembering and using so much from the work that we did together so I just wanted to say thank you so much because the work we did has really continued to help me. 

I spent my time off relaxing and trying new activities. I also did a course on mindfulness based cognitive therapy, which was really useful but I feel only helped because of the work I had already done with you. I then did a course in counselling skills and have just gone back to work in a new role where I can use these skills and am loving it.

I am also 6 months into a new relationship and I really believe that he came along because, after the work I did on myself, I was ready to believe I deserved someone like him and I was in the right frame of mind to attract the right person!! So thank you very much for the impact that you have had on my life!!"


Hope all is well with you,


Ms. T, Brighton, East Sussex.

Client Testimonial #5

"I am incredibly grateful for all that Liz has done in the last 5 months to help me overcome a very difficult time in my life. She is an amazing listener who not only helped me discover the cause of my issues but also how I can deal with them. 

She made me feel at ease right away from our very first session with her caring and friendly nature. Thank you for everything."


Ms. L, Worthing, West Sussex.

Client Testimonial #4

"From attending sessions of CBT with Liz I have been able to look at things from new and different perspectives which has helped me move forwards with my life. Liz is a skilled professional and I am extremely happy that I chose to attend CBT sessions with her."

Ms. H, Brighton, East Sussex.

Client Testimonial #3

"I found Liz very insightful and understanding of my phobia and anxiety. I feel she has given me the skills to manage and cope as well as giving me the confidence to strive forward in life! Thank you."

Mr. M, Brighton, East Sussex.

Client Testimonial #2

"Liz has helped me through a very difficult and dark time. Our sessions together helped me to unravel a lot of deep-rooted grief and helped me to recognise where my insecurities and fears had started (back in my childhood).

Following a period of close bereavements, I learnt how my grief had led to my depression and anxiety. I felt my problems and myself were so knotted up that I didn’t know how anyone could help but being able to talk and not feel judged helped me to open up to Liz slowly; our sessions were structured and focused each time so I felt in safe hands and felt there was an 'end goal' in sight. Liz is very perceptive and provides a warm and secure environment in which to face your fears and overcome them. She has helped me through a very difficult and challenging time; her support and encouragement has been unwavering and she really works with you to get to the root of the problem."

Ms. B, Brighton, East Sussex.

Client Testimonial #1

"Liz has recently helped me turn around the way I deal with stress after a very unsettling period at work.

I found Liz to be an extremely good listener and was comfortable talking to her on a very personal level. I was shown ways of addressing the negative way in which I was thinking enabling me to see different situations in a more positive light. I also suffered from lack of confidence which we worked on and using role play, she helped me with an interview technique.

Liz has a warm, friendly and empathic personality and is particularly efficient at keeping things focused. By using various written exercises and the thought process behind her questions, she highlighted ways in which I could deal with stressful situations in a more positive way allowing me to realise, in my own time, the areas in need of improvement.

Each session I had with Liz was always prepared and planned very carefully but still had a natural flow. Her ideas and guidance have increased awareness of my own skills which I am now able to draw on in a variety of situations."

Mrs. D, Sompting, West Sussex.

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